Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Paddocked ponies!

Paddocked ponies!

Ponies are  coping with being paddocked. They are enjoying extra large feeds, and an adlib supply of haylage in the hay hutch. I have discovered they can eat nearly 60lbs of haylage in 24 hours. Might soon be eating me out of house and home! They are looking more rotund too! Need to poo pick as only in a small area. Has solved the mineral eating, as left with feeds in bucket tyres they are eating everything by the time I come back. Fortunately they are about equally greedy.

Remi’s foot pulse was back Monday morning, and now seems to be gone. He is still a bit footy, though better. Worryingly he didn’t want to try on any surface out hacking this morning. He would reluctantly do a few steps and fall back to walk. He isn’t lazy, and this isn’t like him. He is walking out okay on soft, bit footier than normal on rough going. He tripped a bit more than normal. There is heat around coronet band on wonky foot.

Not sure if it is passing footiness from grass that will take a few more days to go or something else. Bit worried is something else. It doesn’t make sense that Remi was footy but would trot on soft on Monday, but is less footy, but more inclined to stumble and wont trot today :-(( Am worried has independent soft tissue damage. Or perhaps is an abscess brewing?

Frustrating. Having scrambled everything to build paddock, and provide 24-7 haylage in paddock, I was expecting Remi to be back to striding out well this morning :-(( Maybe tomorrow, but I suspect not.

Vet will see Remi Friday for progress update and vaccinations. However, I am a bit worried if Remi lame on Friday, the vet wont be able to see wood for trees, and it will be difficult to differentiate what is going on. Vet last saw Remi 6th December, just before went to Rockley.

I have left all rugs off. Is warm and sunny daytime and a bit chilly at night. But have lots of haylage and are gaining weight. And is tricky to be there at right time to change rugs.

Phone still seems to be dead. Missing 24-7 internet access!

Electric fence definitely working, as I accidentally tested it this morning!

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