Saturday, 25 May 2013

Remi update

I have done two short school sessions over the weekend (both Liz and Elaine said I should to do more in the school) - mostly did large shapes in trot.

Have booked a 30 minute lesson next weekend. And think Elaine is going to have a look at our ridden schooling work when she comes back at start June.

I lunged him in a Pessoa Monday night set as long as it goes, and he worked very nicely in this and continued to stretch down over his back when I took it off. So might lunge in this a few times a week too. Seems to be encouraging him to work with a lower neck and it helps him move better.

I think he is starting to build up muscle behind.

He had tuesday off.

I lunged him wednesday and thought he was a bit stiff all over. Short striding. Query footy. Wondering if is a delayed impact of being on a new paddock area and having more grass. Are still eating more grass than haylage. Or from doing light schooling saturday and sunday and light pessoa work monday? Think more likely to be footy.

He did warm up and loosen up on the lunge. But took a while. 

He has high amount salt, MgO and some bicarbonate. Am thinking must have nearly eaten paddock down soon and start eating more haylage. Fingers crossed.

Friday much the same. Started stiff and short striding. Loosened up on lunge. Rode for ten minutes. Trotting large shapes. Still a bit footy outside school.

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