Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Power exchange

Power exchange


In the last week we have gone from this . . .

To this 
And this
And finally to this
And this.

In other words we have gone from Remi being boss horse, to Mac usurping him and becoming boss horse. As demonstrated by Mac happily coming up and sticking his nose in Remi’s feed bucket and then peacefully displacing Remi to the next feed bucket!


Mac now nudges Remi and moves him round and round the paddock. Mac also comes up and nips Remi when I am fiddling with Remi’s feet. Not seen any signs of fighting and all seem fairly peaceful. I am not pleased though, Mac is a cheeky whatsit, and I would much prefer Remi to keep him inline and keep him squashed!  


I had words with Mac about nipping Remi when I was doing Remi’s feet, and Mac ran to the other end of the paddock and sulked (because he had been shouted at). I had to go and catch him to do his feet! Mac is not allowed to be ultimate herd leader, that is allegedly my job.

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