Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Paddock life :-)

Paddock life (and poo)

Remi and Mac have been in their paddock for just over 8 days now.
Some photos taken last week.

I am becoming obsessed with poo. Poo picking is over rated. Who knew 2 horses could produce so much poo! It is interesting to see where they chose to go, there are clear patterns. They do few droppings in the hay or water areas. And a preferred toilet area. I can also see from their droppings that the majority of their diet is haylage (my husband says this is far too much information).
I have also discovered that lots of haylage = lots of poo. The ponies think adlib haylage on tap is wonderful. I sometimes let Mac out in to the main field, and he tends to come back when he sees me topping the haylage up!

Flies have appeared with the nicer weather, so I have got out the fly rugs and fly masks.

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