Monday, 13 May 2013

Horse agility

On Saturday, I took both to Horse agility practise session -  at Holistic Horse Centre. Thinking it would be a good first outing together. Remi's first outing since coming back from Rockley. And good for confidence building and de-spooking. Rachel took Remi round, and I took Mac.

They walked over taupalin, through zig zag poles, round cones, stepped over poles, reversed over poles, alternated half step over, step back, met large umbrella, parasole, flags, over jump, under curtain, past road signs, through a hoop, stepping in hula hoops etc.

They were mostly confident and curious. I was so proud of both of them. Idea was to have them following with a loop in leadrope, and even try with rope round neck. Rachel did get Remi following with no hands. I didnt try this with Mac! Was great fun, and horses seemed to enjoy it. We were all shattered by the end though.

Nice place, lots of nice people, and lots of barefoot horses. Nice attitudes and fun session, and learned more about groundwork and training attitudes. And Remi and Mac got nice comments, and no comments about Remi's wonky feet. Both horses were swarmed by kids when putting travel boots to load to go home. Neither minded! Lots of comments from kids about how big Remi was though.

Below are pictures of some of obstacles we faced. These are just pictures have found on google images, to show the obstacles.

 Mac didnt like this obstacle.



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