Thursday, 2 May 2013

Manic mornings

Manic mornings

Have hacked Remi Monday, Wednesday and this morning before work. Does make for a manic morning. Soaking feeds, mixing minerals, putting haylage in the hay hutch, cleaning feet, topping up water, putting fly masks on. Hacking Remi for an hour. Is about ten minute walk from paddock to yard where tack is.

Made worse by the fact Remi is rather slow and tentative at the moment, and doesn’t want to trot, so my circuit is taking longer, which makes the time tighter. I cant think of an easy way to shorten loop (am cutting a bit out now). Remi still seems to be happy, and seems to have decided hacking is all about him sight-seeing and getting away from the pesky Mac! Mac hasn’t done barely any work in nearly four weeks, and is getting rather annoying. Mac seems to have got above Remi in the pecking order. Whilst there doesn’t seem to be any fighting <frantically touching wood> Mac seems to be able to displace Remi with a nudge, and not to be afraid of Remi. A few weeks ago, Remi would look at Mac and Mac would move. Several other people have observe Mac moving Remi round and round the paddock. Hmm about this. If not fighting, walking not bad for Remi. I only see them as okay together and sharing hay / feedbowls.

This morning I managed an all-time best of leaving Remi’s field at 7.59am, and making the 8.22am train in to work this morning. Bearing in mind it is a 14 minute drive home (more if rush hour) and a 4 minute walk from my house to train station. Eeek was tight! Did run part of the way to the station! The 8.22am train is the latest one I can get away with. Gets me into work for about 9.10am.  Leaving it that tight not recommended for stress levels!!!!

Paddock poo picking tonight. And looking at both ponies on lunge before vet visit tomorrow. Remi’s lunging may be very short. Wed and thurs morning hacking Remi has been very reluctant to trot on any going out hacking, even soft. He does a few steps and then stops as though it hurts. He walks out fairly fast on soft, and okay on flat road, and is a bit footy on stones. Not sure about him. There is a little heat in coronet of wonky foot. There are also lots of sharp stones that keep embedding in white line of other front foot. Want to see how looks in school tonight, might only be a few steps if not happy.

Ponies looking fatter and eating less haylage. Flies building up, so put fly masks on for first time. Poo picking tonight will help. Holding off with fly rugs, but have them ready. Ponies still moulting.

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