Friday, 10 May 2013

Musings edited



Rachel and I were looking at Remi last night. Gave up on the idea of any filming. Weather was foul – driving wind and intermittent rain, and chilly. Ponies were happy to have fly rugs swapped for NZ rugs!


We did lunge Remi and Mac. Both were rather energetic. Mac did his best – I can go round in a circle but look to the outside and stare at other things. He thought concentrating and lunged in high wind wasn’t compatible.


Remi was leaping and plunging, in a controlled way, and making me giggle. He offered canter which didn’t look too bad, and some trot with a decent length of stride. Lunging was a bit tricky as being blown away by wind, and lunge rope kept catching wind! Remi did some nice bits of work though. Can still spot irregularities, and tendencies to go crooked but lots of glimpses of progress too.


Mac thought the extreme wind, and his fascination with what Remi was doing all a bit much, and didn’t particularly settle. He did however look sound, and much longer striding, so hopefully bruising is on the way out.


We looked at Remi’s feet, and I think the hinds are really changing – developing a better digital cushion, bigger frogs, and the frog covers more of the foot. I will do photos to compare, but think there has been quite a bit of improvement. Front feet are slower, but think frogs are improving here too.

Edited to add, I am counting my blessings, in having two mostly sound horses that are ride-able. And for being able to be continue on a journey with both of them.


I am much saddened by the recent sad news for the horses of two people whose journeys, and herculean efforts with their horses, I have followed.

Their journeys with their horses have both come to an end. I am tinged by their sadness, and feel so much regret for their lost dreams.

It is a reminder to be grateful for what you have and count blessings, as you never know when it will end.

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