Monday, 20 May 2013

Weekend of schooling!


Despite being very tired, I made the effort to school both ponies. Seeing as I havent schooled Remi since last weekend, and Mac since before he went lame with bruised feet.

Remi lunged and then schooled. Lunging good. Canter improving. Movement good, but decent stretching down intermitternt. Different ridden tactic. After lunging got on and went straight into trot, thinking forward large shapes, lots of changes of direction, all very large shapes. Using whole school, doing 20 metre circles and then changing. Got some really nice work. Tried some shallow leg yield bits. Heaps to work on but progress and starting to feel less at sea with the movement. Did a few mini walk stretch breaks, picking him up quite quickly before he decides is end of session. Was tempted to try canter but restrained myself. Interesting that he is much easier to ride on left rein.

Am encouraged, very long way to go, but feels like we are starting proper riding. Probably did 20 minutes lunging and 20 minutes riding. Have booked a 30 minute lesson for him next sunday afternoon.

Mac schooled nicely too considering how long he has been out of the school.Only did a gentle 20 minutes with him.

Spent 2 hours clearing the old paddock space of wet haylage that was lying on the ground. Horrid job. Cleared out car that had become a junk room / tack / rug room! Put all stuff in proper places.

Cleared out sun room at home (had become rug room / tack room).

Entered short Endurance ride for Mac 2nd June. Thought about taking Remi too, but they said were two stretches of 500metres of flint, which I think might be a bit much for him. Am looking for a nice 15km ride to take Remi on that is barefoot friendly.


Up at 5.45am and had both horses schooled by 9am. Both good again. Ventured for 1/4 of a circle of canter on both reins which was good. More trot figures. Generally good. Put ponies back out and started poo picking - unfortunately paddock space had quite a lot of existing poo in it. 3 hours later had done most of it. Put a bottom line on last bit of paddock fence, and trimmed vegetation away from trough and battery.

Hacked both with Rachel on Mac at about 12pm. Remi not footy despite the unplanned increase in grass intake. FANTASTIC.

Considering they arent really eating much haylage, and are doing green poos, I am very pleased he isnt footy, though it might not last. In a few more days there will be less grass in paddock. The laminitis app does say it is okay at the moment. So fingers crossed.

Out hacking we met huge numbers of cyclists (some event on), ballons and banners, and lots of horse boxes. Both ponies sensible. Mac seems back on form and was bouncing about and not keen to be behind. He was annoying Dash and Remi in the field. I think he needs his manners rebooting. Nice to see he is feeling well again and has his sparkle back.

Both horses are looking good - shiny, building muscle, good weight, generally looking content. 

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