Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Saturday polework

Remi day off
Mac hacked round Heath and three circuits of gallops with old school friend

Mac long hack up Reigate hill (sadly pub at top not open)

Remi lunging and raised pole work in walk.

Lunging looked okay. Left rein shorter in front and unlevel ribs bulging left, quarters and shoulders right. Classic banana. Did some work with my body and whip to ask him to bend at left ribs and shift over. Bit better. Moving better than before treatment but not as good as immediately after treatment.

Not sure when can beneficially add side reins / equi ami / Pessoa to lunging. Gut feel says not yet! Not sure if beneficial until feet more normalised? Maybe elastic figure if eight bandage soon?

Had set out four poles on a curve raised on outside only. And three poles in a straight line raised outside only and two poles end to end in middle.

Did 5 repeats over each set of poles in walk on each rein. The long pole Remi had to bend over it and keep taking feet from one side of pole and back to otherside. We both found this quite hard. Remi clearly thinks pole work in walk is mad but was happy to humour me.

Lunged a bit each way after. I think he was moving slightly better. Bit straighter.

I have noticed Remi trips more and slips more on muddy or unlevel ground. I guess with such funky feet and such big side deviation this is to be expected. Hopefully is a passing phase.

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