Saturday, 6 April 2013

Extreme hacking

Rachel with Rolo came to visit and meet Mac and Remi for some extreme, evening hacking in snow and wind! The sky was a dark grey with gusting wind and snow flakes and it got dark prematurely. We dragged ponies in, threw tack on and some fluorescent gear and off we went. Ponies were polite but a bit disgruntled, they clearly thought I was bringing them out of the wind to feed them! Short term memories, as they only get one feed a day, and they had breakfast!

Despite all that it was a nice hack. Remi was a bit random. He was sometimes strongly preferring the verges, and others was walking out very happily. Didn’t seem to be an especially clear pattern. Not sure if he was also avoiding the wind?! He walks okay over broken concrete and stones to and from field, and over some gravel. I think he is still unlevel in front in trot on road or firm track. But sound and very happy to trot on mud or sand. He did have a short sound trot on the road, and then an unlevel trot on the road (but was going slightly down hill). Will keep an eye on him. Am only doing short v short trots if he isn’t right. If he is right, I ask him into trot, and then he bounds off very happily. There does also very much seem to be a stiffness element as the more steps of trot he does the better he gets.

There are still clear deep (hoof pick end depth holes in his feet (two between halves of frog, and one between frog and heel). I antibiotic blue sprayed all feet and holes again. I have ordered white lightning, and Swann antibac and Redhorse field paste. Will start with the white lightning in holes, and sprayed over frog. I am wondering if trimming frogs to get rid of some of the flappy bits that might be harbouring infection underneath would help?

I did give Remi extra copra which made him very happy, Mac had some leftover breakfast, and some haylage - so both happy ponies.

 Pleased with ponies. Rachel and I retired to local pub for mussels, chips and wine :-)

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