Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Saturday 6th April - body work report and video
Remi - Massage Notes Visit 6/4/13

Lunge session:

Pre massage assessment – much improved – freer from the off and more balanced/straighter. Much less appearance of restriction in front.  Movement similar to where he was post massage in March. Left rein showed marked improvement too. Video 


Palpation and massage:(See diagram)

Visually much straighter through spine. See attached photo. (Head/neck position not quite a last photo for comparison purposes but even so a very obvious improvement).

Left shoulder muscles still some residual tightness but much improved from before. Subclavius and serratus ventralis C tight but supra and infraspinatus non-reactive.

Right shoulder Region – increased tightness in trapezius, infraspinatus, lower brachiocephalic, which consistent with change of balance.

Quarters: - Tight hamstrings, - semitendinosus, glutes and lumbo-sacral junction.  Still tender right inner thigh – sartorius region.

Remi has thrush and ‘holes’ in feet which pip is treating him for.

Concentrated massage on above mentioned areas and used Physiopod deep oscillation post massage.

 2nd lunge session post massage:

Much more movement through back muscles and glutes and generally free-er movement. Video  Very encouraging to see such an improvement in 10 days.

Aftercare advice:

Pip to continue with straightness work and hacking. Reassess in 10 to 14 days.  

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