Thursday, 4 April 2013

Monday's milestones and woe

Easter Monday's milestones and woe

Boxed Mac to Thursley for long hack with C. Feeling somewhat delicate after lots of early celebrating if husband's birthday night before. Mac mostly good, some nice long canters.

Hacked Remi with J from old yard (about 0.75 miles apart). Milestone in terms of tacking up and leaving yard alone to ride out and meet J. Remi striding out happily. 

More worryingly had first hacking trot and was clearly lame. Remi was happily walking and trotting at Rockley on roads . Nic said to only walk him out hacking, once home, for first week. Hence waiting til yesterday. Only did a few steps as clearly lame in front :-(( Asked again on soft uphill bit. Clearly lame initially but he trotted off with me uphill very happily and seemed to improve. (In only asked for a few steps but didn't pull him back). So maybe is stiffness related? Unsure. Bit worrying. :-((

Day off Tuesday and will assess on lunge Wednesday. Hacking again thurs so will try again.

He (and Mac) looking good. Good weight, seem happy and mostly eating minerals. When turned out on Sunday, both horses rolled three times! :-)  Both are moulting fairly horribly! 

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