Monday, 22 April 2013

Mileage and progress

On Sunday 21st Remi had been home 28 days / four weeks.

We have picked one mostly roads and hard tracks loop that is 3.34 miles and repeated it regularly to build confidence and to discourage any napping. And Remi has been a star, going round with his big ears keenly pricked.

We have managed to hack 14 out of 28 days which isnt bad. First two weeks three times a week, second two weeks four times a week :-)

We have even progressed to two successful solo hacks (of which I am very proud).

We have clocked up 47 miles so far, and lots more miles to come.

I was very worried about getting the hacking in, and solo hacking and making it happen. A fair bit of bloodymindedness, and determination and lots of help from friends and it is happening.

I am doing my bit to help him build his better feet - the roadwork hacking, the minerals, the low sugar diet, the movement, the bodywork and straightening work.

Please keep your fingers crossed for us.

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