Sunday, 14 April 2013

Happy Hacking Remi :-)

Fab hack on Remi Thursday with Rachel on Mac.

Apart from on stones he was striding out ears pricked.

We met a herd of deer, and he stopped ear - eyes bulging and trembling. But didnt spin on back up or move. And then calmly walked past. So pleased with him. He is lovely to hack at the moment. Striding out, chilled, keen to trot and canter when asked.

He has a HUGE canter stride at the moment. I just ask on soft up hill bits of track and he is REALLY taking me. He used to have a very collected together canter. Not sure where this big canter has come from.

Think / hope thrush is on the turn. So pleased with him. Hacking. Love him. :wub::wub::wub:

And he was a rock hacking yesterday when Mac was a bit worried out hacking (funny light and heavy rain - not sure what worried Mac).

Bless Remi. He will make a happy hacking pony yet. :wub:

Liking the wild untamed mane. Very un dressage pony like!

Saturday morning, Jo, Emily and I rode out. Emily on Mac. All ponies were good. Sun even shone a bit. Remi a bit footier, but standing in a wet field, in wet weather probably not helping.

He was keen on the soft / smooth bits, and generally lovely.

Some pictures of my boys -

PS Remi isnt normally allowed on the verge, I try and get him on road / track to get the benefits for his feet!

Bit worried about the rain, the mud, and the thrush and the deep cracks in his heels / frog. Seem to be coping though.

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