Friday, 19 April 2013

Monday's foot thoughts

Trimmer visit

Struggled getting them in. Mac galloping about due to new horses next door that were charging about and not stopping to be caught. Remi v sore and walking at snails pace.
Mac dancing and and cavorting all the way down to yard. Put him in stable and was whirling round. Ignored him and 20 minutes later he was calm again. Left him in for few hours of haylage munching and dinner. Think he looks less hunched and better. If had been able to find energy would have schooled him.

Remi walked in slowest ever. Clearly sore and struggling. Sunday's hack was the footiest yet.

L said his heels v sore especially fronts. He has cracked heels under mud / mud fever just on heels. I think I have got some swann antibac or white lightning on heels and is caustic. The recent rain and muddy field not good. I also failed to use any pig oil in last 2 weeks as nervous might affect thrush. Lots of cracks like cracked heels. Told to wash mud and scabs off with mild shampoo, pat dry with towel, leave to dry and put keratex mud fever powder on. And put same powder on feet and push into cracks. Will hopefully clear up quickly if field stays dry. Waking up to rain not good.

Thrush. Agreed holes in front feet not too bad. (I think much improved from where were). Back feet big holes. hind holes / cracks been there a while. 

Treating holes. L said no more wet or chemicals. To order NT dry powder. In meantime to use Keratex mud fever powder or athletes foot powder. Ordered it ( have now spent small fortune on thrush treatments! 

Discussed him being so sore. L thinks is sore from strong chemicals in feet and getting them on heels and cracked heels. No sign of pulse so hopefully not linked to grass. Need to quickly clear up thrush and sore feet and cracked heels so know if goes footy from grass. Said footyness from grass most likely to show up in front feet.

Feet progress. Doesn't feel feet have changed much since coming back from Rockley (three weeks ago). Except that said distorted right front foot more distorted and has more flare. (I can see this too and others have pointed it out. Not the direction of travel I was hoping for!) L said hopefully the wide flare would break off at bottom soon. I said had been hoping that for last 3 weeks. I said new growth coming down still v distorted. L agreed and said unlikely to ever look normal but that would be how he needed to be. I asked if had seen horses with feet as funky as Remi's come sound. She said she had.

When i collected Remi from Rockley, Nic said thought extreme flare on right fore would start to fall off soon and that new tighter growth would grow down in next 3-4 months. That he would be more grass sensitive first 3-4 months whilst new hoof grows down. 

Discussed vet coming 3rd May. (I am worried my vet will take one look at Remi's wonky feet, look me in the eye and ask me what the Fxxx I have done). L uses same vet.

Discussed hacking. L concerned am hacking Remi when sore. She also seemed surprised he has been sound on smooth Tarmac, mud, grass. I did say I could hardly lead him across yard today. No way would I hack a clearly sore horse, especially one with a nappy history. L doesn't think will find boots to fit wonky feet anyway. L thinks hacking in boots generally beneficial, Nic doesn't. Discussed how he must do roadwork to wear feet and wear flare off. Discussed catch 22 and the more work the less likely he is to be grass sensitive.

I mentioned think is an arthritic element too as seems to stiffen up in yard and improve as I go round hacking route. (Though I wonder if this is joints sore from pressure of all the distortion! And all joint pain wears off if work through it!)

Hugs if have read this far. Am a bit overwhelmed and generally exhausted. 

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