Friday, 12 April 2013

How are the feet landing?

Comments welcomed.

Walk 11th April 2013 Slow Motion
Walk 11th April 2013
Walk Rockley 23rd March
Walk Rockley 16th Dec and 3rd March

I watched multiple times (after midnight last night!!) and I mainly looked at feet landing. I got as far as I thought hinds heel first. Left fore varied and overall flat. Right fore toe first though not terribly so.
I think similar landing now to how was at Rockley March onwards. Not heaps better or worse. My eye for movement isnt very good though.

I can see clear improvement from the first Rockley December 16th video where there is a clear shockwave that goes up his leg. That has gone.

Comments and thoughts welcomed. You dont need to agree with me :-)

PS For anyone reading who is not as obsessed by horse's feet. Landing heel first and balanced side to side is good. Landing on outside of foot (like in Dec footage and rotating in is not good). Landing toe first is bad and causes compensation through body. Landing flat is better than toe first. Remi is on a journey to hopefully consistently land straight and heel first with all feet.

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