Monday, 15 April 2013

Remi diet

Remi diet

2 mugs copra
2 mugs speedibeet
2 mugs rolled oats
1 mug Alfa A cubes
1 mug micronised linseed

Soaked altogether with approx amount of water.

Plus a supplement pot of:

25 ml salt
2.5g copper sulphate
4.8g zinc sulphate
30 ml brewers yeast
10 ml lysine
50 ml mint 
100 ml porridge oats
100 ml Magnesium oxide (calmag)
10 ml MSM
10 ml glucosamine.

I shake it all up in a pot and add just before eating. I make up ten pots in one go (5 per horse). Have ordered more pots! 

Feed in stables / tied up / loose at top field if only mine in field. Or in front pen if others in field. Mac and Remi very good to feed loose together.

Remi is eating fairly happily. Mac is still a bit fussy. Mac walked off and Remi finished the last 1/3 of his tea yesterday. I am very pleased Remi is eating all of his minerals. Clever pony!!

Mac gets same but slightly less zinc and copper as smaller and no oats and only 50ml of Calmag, 10ml of salt and no MSM or glucosamine.

There is a worry that the grass analysis was contaminated as came back with very high iron and manganese readings both of which block copper and zinc uptake. So need to feed a lot of zinc and copper to balance this. Possibly I got some mud in samples? Need to re do, but waiting for field to be drier! Seems to be rain, rain, rain at the moment!

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