Friday, 19 April 2013

Remi dramas

Remi dramas

Monday I shampooed heels and dried them, and put keratex powder on them (as suggested by L). I used human raspberry shampoo (as thought would be milder than hibiscrub to remove scabs). Whilst nasty, I didn’t think too much of his cracked heels, as field fairly dry, and I think was a burn reaction to me getting White lightning / swann antibac on his heels when treating cracks in frog that also run up heels plus several days of rain and mud in field.

I brought Remi in Tuesday night (with Mac) and Remi was very lame, noticed heels had flared up, and assumed was sore skin. Hacked Mac, and when back realised that one of Remi’s legs was much worse (standing in made worse, and I hadn’t spotted one was much worse generally). Was very hot, crusty, cracked, and oozing yellow. Looked horrible. Phoned emergency vet. Who said if no swelling above knee not to panic, 17hh to have 3 bute now, 3 7am tomorrow, to take inflammation down, and call vet out tomorrow if not improved.

Bute 7am Wednesday, but still pretty angry. Bring in, and get YO to deal with vet. Vet arrives 12pm and says probably an allergic reaction, probably to shampoo or lanolin?? Vet says hibiscrub (50% dilution, scrub scabs off), wash well, dry, put vet green cream on (steroid and antibiotic, and other stuff!), dry poultice over heels, and hold in place with vet wrap. Yard owner and I between us do this. Vet says to repeat every 24 hours until no scabs and just pink skin. 

Vet (from my practice but not my regular vet also said that she was horrified by Remi's feet and devasted he has come back with such wonky feet. Hmmmm I certainly wish they would move to looking more normal instead of distorting more. I am holding faith, getting him to eat all the minerals and right things and doing the regular roadwork mileage and crossing my fingers and toes.

Wed pm I also put Ketaretex mudfever powder on frogs in cracks.

Thursday am (bandages stay on). Am a bit worried he is barely drinking. Thursday pm barely drinking. Heels look much better. Take bandages off and take him hacking (feet need the movement). He was pretty good hacking (mainly walked). Wash, de-scab, dry, and plaster cream on and put him out. Out he will move and drink more. Field is pretty dry. Am more worried about impaction colic than his heels. 

Remi looking good friday morning. Mac is looking slightly lame in trot and generally a bit hunched. Think is in his feet. Slight heat in right front foot, nothing to see. Bruise? Grumbling abscess? Hmmmm. He seems bright as a button though. No dressage or endurance ride for Mac this weekend :-((

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