Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Solo hacking :-)`

One of my biggest fears is / was that Remi and I struggle with solo hacking from home and have a chequered past at doing so together.

Yesterday Remi and I managed an hours solo hack. He didn't hesitate once. Met loads and loads of cars, cyclists, walkers, kids, golfers, picnickers etc. It was sunny but very windy. Ears pricked and enjoying sun. So pleased. Big step for us. :-)

We have averaged over three road and tracks hacks a week each of the three weeks that he has been home. But organising company around my working hours has been quite hard.

Hacking and roadwork regularly is absolutely vital to his rehabilitation and building of new feet. Organising hacking company around my working hours isnt always going to be possible. No matter how hard I try to plan it so. I am massively encouraged in terms of ensuring that I get his 3-4 hours of roadwork done on a long term basis.

One day at a time, will try again in a week or so.

Our hack in pictures.

Remi and I and our shadows.

Back home telling Remi how brave and clever he was

Thrilled with him xx

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