Friday, 12 April 2013

Tuesday's marathon soaking

Tuesday night I did the full clean trax soaking of all four feet in sealed airtight boot. Took a very long time!

· Bring ponies in for 18.45pm

· scrub feet clean,

· syringe mud out holes in feet,

· tape bags on hind feet so stay clean in bed

· put two soaking boots on,

· put Remi in stable with haynet

· mix solution within a gallon of room temperature water, use jug to tip solution into boots

· tape over boots so stay on better and so air tight

· start my stop watch for 45 minutes

· moved lorry over, unpacked lorry, move all rugs out of lorry (as roof now leaking and all wet)

· (Husband away so taken all home to dry in house! (this will tell me if he reads blog!))

· clean out lorry

· Switched soaking boots onto top hind boots (complicated as no feet must touch floor and no solution must be lost!!)

· Taped plastic bags over front feet for 45 minutes of fumes

· start my stop watch for 45 minutes

· feed both horses

· paid for haylage

· put equissage on Mac.

· groom Mac and chat to yard owner who came out to do late night hay

· take boots off and tape plastic bags to hinds as well as fronts

· start my stop watch for 45 minutes

· wash out feed buckets

· skip Remi and Mac out

· make 5 days of feeds into sandwich bags

· twiddle thumbs

· Remi out onto dry concrete, and tied up

· Pat heels and legs dry

· Leave to dry

· Start stopwatch for 30 minutes

· Tidy up, clear up, sweep up

· Pick feet out and find 3 small stones in white line of left fore (have clearly missed them – soaking shows them up)

· Put Red horse Hoof Stuff fibres into holes and cracks (as barrier as turning out into wet mud)

· Rub sudocrem into soles, frogs, and over holes

· Dust keratex mudfever powder over dry back of heels and pasterns

· Turn ponies out by head torch (Was a bit dispiriting to turn him back out in rain! Not very muddy, but some mud.)

· Clear up keratex powder and sudocrem off floor

· Lock up and go home [it is now very, very late evening!]

· Get home and hang all wet rugs up to dry

· Collapse in bed

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