Sunday, 7 April 2013

Friday's trials and tribulations

Friday after a long week I spent three hours feeding ponies and scrubbing Remi's feet.Nothing stronger had arrived, so mostly used Milton.

Brought in, fed Mac. Bit slow but fairly happy over stone / rough concrete / ridged concrete. Scrubbed all mud out of Remi's feet. Rubbed sudocrem well into back of legs and lower legs (to protect from drying out by milton).

He was definitely unusually stressy a bout his hind feet waving them about and snatching them.

Scrubbed and washed in boiling water jug, syringe, pointy hoof pick and buckets.

Made jugs of 1:10 milton. 

Started with 4-5 syringe fulls of milton, that I syringed into the deep holes bisecting frogs / crack running to heel, noting that the water came out brown and got cleaner. Holes deep :-((

Borrowed pictures give you an idea. [not his actual feet]


The soaked cotton wool in new milton and packed it into holes. Then got milton in buckets and got him to stand with his front feet in buckets (whilst eating hay, and dinner) for 20 minutes. He was quite good at this but, I had to stay with him.

Switched to back feet, and he was more stressy, and less settled, took them out a few times. Gave both horses a second feed :-) Managed our 20 minutes.

Moved to dry concrete, and took cotton wool plugs out. Left for ten minutes. Moved to more dry concrete and cleared and swept up. Mac was looking decidedly left out from the stable, and like he thought he needed more intention. My plan had been a day off and thorough groom of both horses (but no brushing got done as feet took best part of three hours!).

Feet nearly dry. Rubbed sudocrem well into all scrappy and flappy bits of frog and into holes and crevices. Packed holes with sudocrem soaked cotton wool.

Left to stand, and turned both horses back out at 9.40pm! Came back and used towel to wipe sudocrem off floor. Locked up and went home. V. tired.

Who knows if right thing to do? More potent treatment not arrived yet and felt like needed to do something. I worry about the holes being deep and the crack running along frog and up back of heel. Hoping today helped.

This is interesting reading - The case study photos are fascinating showing feet changes before and after treating thrush.

This link is interesting too.
I have stolen the feet photos above from this link to illustrate how Remi's feet look. This is what made me decide to do milton soaks.

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