Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Thursday 28th Bodywork report and video

Remi’s bodywork report from Elaine Mariani.
Remi - Massage Notes Visit 28/3/13
Remi has been home from his rehab at Rockley Farm for 4 days.
Lunge session:
Remi lunged for assessment pre-massage. He noticeably improved and freed up during the lunging although movement was still restricted in all 4 limbs.
Left rein was clearly worse than right – he remained in right bend and fell in through left ribs with left fore stuck under his body.
Very noticeable how Remi braces his topline when asked to trot and holds himself rigid through neck, back and quarters. Left shoulder restricted – left fore pronates, plaits and retracts before returning to the ground. Right fore has a straighter movement to the naked eye and right shoulder musculature is more developed.
Plaits behind – quarters deviate to right.
Palpation and massage:
Areas in red show where he was most reactive to palpitation.
Left shoulder region – Supraspinatus especially tender (extends shoulder joint). Subclavius, serratus ventralis (cervical and thoracic), superficial pectorals also tight/in spasm. (These all support the trunk and would be under extra strain due to Remi’s crookedness/falling in left).
Quarters: - Right: Tight hamstrings, especially at origin of biceps femoris and semitendinosus. Very tender inner thigh, sartorius and gracilis which are limb adductors – tightness may contribute to plaiting behind.
Glutes left and right tender.
Concentrated massage on these specific areas and used Physiopod deep oscillation post massage.
2nd lunge session post massage:
Noticeably much freer on both reins – Video of Remi here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ymEDBxOaxc
Aftercare advice:
Discussed that as Remi develops muscle with work and is better able to support himself, the need for regular massage will decline. It seems likely that much of his current discomfort is due to his crookedness and as he learns to carry himself better through good schooling, this should improve a great deal. He currently has a pronounced s-bend through his topline.

Left a little ‘booklet-under-development’ of exercises suggested that some raised pole-work in hand (and later under saddle) will help with proprioception and general use of self.
Next visit Saturday 6th April

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