Tuesday, 2 April 2013

First ponying on Easter Sunday :-)

With some trepidation we donned lots of fluorescent gear and set out to try ponying Remi off Mac. Mac was a bit on edge before we left yard. Remi was a bit sleepy.

Started a bit auspiciously. Remi not that keen to keep up and Mac worried Remi was getting too close to him and being claustrophobic. So I had a power walking, jigging Mac who was bouncing and threatening to canter on the spot. And an oblivious Remi who didn't want to keep up over the stones.

Did think this might be a mistake and I might have bitten off more than I can manage! I told Mac all was well and promised him that Remi would not bite or kick him and there was no need to be scared. That Remi would be nice to Mac or be in a lot of trouble! Interesting Mac was worried, I didn't expect it as they lead through gateways together and get very close.

They did settle and Mac relaxed. Probably very good for Mac as he has long been a bit claustrophobic and inclined to shoot off in crowded schools and competition warm ups.

First 15 minutes were on a track round private estate. Then ventured on road. They settled and Remi kept up with his head by my knee. Rest of the way they were fab.

By the time got home and photos taken the ponies much happier standing very close together, so I could hug Remi from Mac.

Very proud of both of them. What clever ponies. Both think I am mad but tried really hard to be good.

Charlie kindly came as foot soldier to help us. We think I need company again next time to do gate and help keep Remi on left. Before trying alone.

Left ponies in stables with feeds and went to pub with friend. Came back and Remi was fast asleep curled in the fresh shavings in his box. An hours walk clearly tired him out. Feed not really eaten. Mac today ate all his feed. Random ponies.

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