Saturday, 13 April 2013

Wednesday's wet hacking

Remi much same over stones and broken concrete to come in. He slipped badly on sideways grass / mud slope to come in. Seems to have little traction with wide flat front foot.  

I opened my mouth to Emily and said isn't it lovely forecast rain hasn't appeared as we were tacking up. MISTAKE!

By the time we left was very overcast and raining steadily! Remi felt less happy over stones and rough bits. Slower and more careful than Saturday. Might be the extensive soaking on Tuesday has left feet softer or standing in slightly muddy field and rain has made softer feet. Will watch him. 

As always unlevel in front to trot on track, level on flat road and mud. Had canter up hill and he was KEEN :-)  

Mac got worried about something on Heath. Not sure if the v funny light / other horses / something he could see / hear. He was shaking at one point. Not like him. Emily and I reassured him and carried on. Remi managed to be the anchor / rock I needed him to be :-)

As headed home it dawned on me that I had soaked ponies that live out soaked riders and tack and it was about 8pm.

Found a towel in car. Rubbed both with towel and tied up with coolers on and tea to eat. Fortunately fairly warm and were nearly dry in 25 minutes to go back out. 

Think will find out how waterproof their rugs are! Remi in 70gm PE with neck and liner. Mac in no fill with neck and 100gm liner. Is much warmer. Think need to cut down again. 

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