Friday, 5 April 2013

Wednesday's witterings

Tuesday – both ponies had a well-earned rest. I fed them in the field and left them alone.

Wednesday night

Louise trotted Remi up on tarmac in hand for me. He looked similar to how he trotted up the last time we trotted him in same place (which was an hour after unloading him from Rockley). He looked not very forwards, but level, and fairly sound. Marginally unlevel front but barely there (same as visible on lunge). Can see the deviated action of front limbs.

Had a good lesson with Mac. He tried really hard. Remi got two rounds of equissaging in whilst Mac worked. Then Mac got equissaged whilst Remi worked.

I had a good dig in Remi’s feet. Looks like he has thrushy feet. Not sure how as field is dry. There are holes in both front feet at base heel start of frog. Like there is a split in the top of the frog. Not entirely sure about these. There are also some strange holes in left hind, but I seem to have lost the original deep hole that was there last week (or it is full of gunk and not showing up). Frogs are generally ragged, and full of flaps and manky looking. I sprayed all feet and holes with vet blue spray that contains antibiotic. It fizzes very satisfactorily on the holes!

I am thinking perhaps it is thrush that is part of the problem? Am thinking about ordering some white lightening and putting it in the holes. Do you mix it with vinegar, apply it to holes and frogs, and then just leave it alone? Or soak cotton wool in it and poke that in the holes? Do I treat once or several times? Or daily for a week? Can I spray it on the frogs in general?
Wondering about also getting some Swan Anti-bac and some Redhorse Field paste and alternating using these on a weekly basis. Any thoughts welcomed. Or would scrubbing feet with a stiff brush and hibiscrub be better? Or sudocrem? So many choices.

I then lunged him and he started a bit short, but loosened up. He was never very forwards, unless I kept my energy levels up. I was working on getting left rib bend and better alignment. I think we got some good releases and some straightness improvements. I thought he looked sounder on the left fore, especially when got him straighter. That or the floodlights were allowing me to see what I wanted to see :-)

I have restarted him on the MSM and the glucosamine this morning, as I have a query there is something arthritic going on, as he seems to improve with warm up.

We are planning to hack him tonight with Rachel (Rolo’s owner) on Mac, and then go for pub dinner afterwards :-) Will try a trot again and see how he feels.

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